6 Steps to Land Your First Truck Driving Job

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Truck driving is one of the most popular career paths for a big chunk of the population. The trucking industry expands year after year as most of the businesses, companies, and homes in the United States all rely on supply chains made up of trucks to get the goods and supplies they need. If you want to be part of this massive transportation industry, you’ll have a high bar to clear, which is why you should head into things with a strong plan. 

Work on Your Driving

If you’re looking for truck driving jobs in Iowa or another state that is incredibly reliant on the trucking network, you’ll need to work on your driving. Trucks are massive vehicles, especially when they’re attached to trailers or containers that weigh thousands of pounds, and they often have to be maneuvered carefully. Parking incorrectly or driving unsafely can be disastrous because an accident involving a truck can lead to dozens getting injured or killed, and thousands of dollars of lost merchandise, which is trucks are only left in the hands of the best drivers. 

Get Certified

Getting a certification is the perfect way of showing that you’re qualified for a trucking job. The best thing you can do for your career is to enroll in an accredited course that teaches the fundamentals of trucking, including how to make your deliveries, how to service your truck, and how to repair any major or minor issues on your own. This, alongside a commercial driving license, will immediately make you a much more attractive prospect. 

Research the Right Company

Before you begin searching for a job and set up interviews, you should research the different companies you’re interested in to see if they’d be a good fit for you. Great companies continually offer educational opportunities to their staff, which means, at the right company, you’ll be able to use your time well, picking up vital skills and knowledge that will only improve your resume and make it more likely for you to get promoted. Great companies also perform well year after year, so look for a company with strong financials so that there’s little risk of layoffs in the upcoming months.

Gain Experience However Possible

In the earliest stages of your trucking career, before you’ve even found your first job, you’ll have to find other odd jobs at the entry level that you can use to gain experience and make a better case for yourself. Good entry-level jobs like trucking assistants or mechanics will allow you to create a strong working relationship with a company, opening the door to becoming a driver for them in the future. Many companies offer certification and training courses, too, and, if you’re able to pass with flying colors, you may get hired right out of the gate.

Work on Your Resume

When you’re competing for any kind of job in a competitive market, you’ll have to take every last advantage you can get, and that includes your resume. Your resume should showcase your strengths and experience, and the formatting should be eye-catching while remaining professional so that it stands out from the rest; working with a firm can help with this issue immensely. 

Prepare for Your Interview

If you’ve been able to prepare for a potential truck driving job step-by-step, the last major step left in your path will be to prepare for the interview and leave a great impression. Any prior experience in the industry you’ve attained will only strengthen your case, so you should instead focus on leaving a great impression and showing that you’re a team player.


Truck driving is a job that appeals to a lot of people, especially because it doesn’t require any kind of specialization or degree, but that’s exactly what makes it a job with such a high level of competition. If you want to land your first job, you’ll need to do a few things to differentiate yourself, but if you use the information in this article, you’ll be able to accomplish that and get your career started the right way. 

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