Australian Cuisine – A Unique Global Fusion

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Australia is a land of incredible beauty and also a land of opportunity with a foundation of immigrant families from all over the world, all in search of a new life down under. This rather unique blend of European and Asian cultures introduced different cuisines, which were adopted and adapted to become what we have today. 

Mediterranean Cuisines

As far back as the 18th century, French, Spanish and Italian immigrants arrived, then came the gold rush, which saw thousands of Europeans arriving in Sydney and heading for the gold fields. Seafood dishes are a speciality; check out Gourmet Traveller, Australia’s top food magazine for some of the best cuisines to be found in Sydney Harbour restaurants. Greek food has thrived since the 1970s, when many immigrants came in search of a new life and they infused their style with other foods, merging into something uniquely Aussie.

Scandinavian Flavours

Many families took up the migration package from Sweden and Norway to start a new life in Australia in the 1960s, which introduced spices and herbs from the northern part of the planet. When numerous cultures come together, they share things and within a few generations, all cultures benefit in many ways. 

Thai Cuisine

Thailand sent its fair share of people down under when the population needed a boost and as with any country, the Thais set up restaurants wherever they go. The number of Thai restaurants in Sydney is a reflection of its popularity and some are fusing with other styles.

Indian Influence

Indian people have long travelled the globe and established societies in foreign lands; Australia received many in the 1960s and they formed a strong part of the Asian communities. Indian food is a winner in every part of the world, with exotic herbs and spices that are unique to this part of the world. Indian cuisine can be fused with any other cuisine, much like you can find in Melbourne and parts of Sydney.

Mexican Spices

Mexican food has spread across the world in the past 50 years; you can find authentic Mexican tortillas in every major city in Europe, while Aussies definitely love the spicy variety, especially after a few beers. When you have a global melting pot of ethnicity, you are going to see totally unique food fusions and Australia is the only nation on this planet with such diversity. People from all parts of the world came to sunny Australia in search of a new life, where you can enjoy a high quality of life and make a life for yourself and your family.

Australia welcomes people who have something to contribute to society and as the economy grows, more professional people are migrating from Europe and the US, bringing their families. If you are planning to visit Australia in the near future, you are in for a treat, with fusion foods everywhere.

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