Why Combine Your Domain Name & Email Hosting?

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For many business owners, digital marketing is a modern burden, an irritating necessity that sprung out of our sudden Internet obsession. And, hey, that’s why world class digital marketing agencies exist, to help alleviate this burden whilst you focus on your business’s daily operations!

But digital marketing doesn’t just cover aspects like SEO, content marketing, social media and web development. Yes, it also covers imperative elements like domain name and email hosting. Digital agencies have come a very long way since they started to take flight in the 2000s, and you can now combine your domain name and email hosting to create a comprehensive service.

This is a service that will not only make your company look far more professional in the digital arena but will also elevate your overall digital campaign.

Here is why you should most certainly combine your domain name and business email hosting:

1. All services in the one place

You know it, we know it and anyone else who has ever taken part in the industry knows it: running a company is hard work. Just one of the many tedious aspects of running a company is managing all the services you have in different locations.

There are bills, rent, stockists and more, all contacting you from their respective locations requesting payments, updates and the list goes on!

With this in mind, why on Earth would you want your digital services scattered across multiple providers? Today, with the best in the industry, you can have your digital campaign, domain name registration and email hosting in one comprehensive place.

You no longer have to worry about whether your SEO campaign from one agency is combining well with your web address hosted at another location. Today, the best in the industry will have separate departments of highly skilled, experienced and passionate professionals there to manage each element of your digital service.

Not only does this mean having a dedicated account manager who reports to you on each element but it also means paying your bills in one place as opposed to managing multiple accounts!

2. Work with comprehensive industry experts

It’s 2024, and digital agencies really should be able to combine domain name and email hosting services. In the past, agencies may have focused more on web addresses, as they seemed more significant than your mailing system. But that just isn’t the case anymore, and they both play an imperative role to your overall digital strategy and should be treated as such.

Today, comprehensive providers are able to do both and with heightened efficiency. This is because both combine with your digital endeavours to create a comprehensive strategy that should be found under the one roof. You will work with a trusted team of professionals who are highly experienced in their respected fields.

They will help you develop the perfect web address as well as manage your mailing system so that you enjoy a complete and fully-efficient package.

3. Complete digital consolidation

This is the best way to run your digital strategy in 2024 and beyond. You don’t want to be overwhelmed thinking about all the different places that are operating your digital campaign – you should be able to work with a comprehensive team operating under the one roof.

Digital consolidation will ensure that each department is collaborating effectively to create the most effective campaign possible whilst ensuring you receive all your reporting from a dedicated account manager!

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