Customization and the Identity V Identity System

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Identity V isn’t just about the heart-pounding chase between Survivors and Hunters. It’s also a platform for players to express themselves through a robust customization system. This system, aptly named the Identity System, offers a vast array of options to personalize your characters, turning them from nameless avatars into reflections of your unique style.

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Identity V Costumes and Accessories

At the core of the Identity System lies a diverse collection of costumes:

  • IDV Characters boast unique wardrobes: From elegant to flamboyant, IDV Survivors and Hunters have a variety of outfits to choose from. The ever-courageous Naib Subedar can trade his rugged Explorer outfit for the sleek and sophisticated “Night Owl” skin, while Aesop Carl can ditch his postman suit for the hauntingly beautiful “The White Raven” costume.
  • Identity V Accessories refine your look: Hats, scarves, and trinkets allow for intricate personalization. The Mind’s Eye, for instance, might sport a pair of vintage spectacles or a flower crown, adding a touch of whimsy to her persona. Hunters, meanwhile, can equip gruesome masks or menacing weapons, further amplifying their terrifying aura.
  • IDV Customization with impact: Certain costumes and accessories offer subtle gameplay effects, like increased visibility for Survivors or ability-enhancing effects for Hunters. The “Bloody Queen” skin for Mary, the Weaver, replaces her web with barbed wire, adding a layer of psychological terror to her chase.

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Acquiring IDV Customization Options

Obtaining these customization options fuels the thrill of the game. IDV Players can acquire them through various means. The in-game currency, fragments, allows players to purchase items directly. Additionally, players can participate in events and fulfill specific objectives to unlock exclusive rewards. The coveted “essence” system offers a gacha mechanic, where players spend essence to unlock random items from a pool, adding an element of surprise and encouraging continued engagement.

The Power of IDV Skins

IDV Skins have a vital part in the popularity of Identity V. The game is known for its exceptional and good quality skins, which players greatly desire. These skins are not just liked because of how they appear but also for their exclusiveness. Having a rare skin can demonstrate the commitment and ability of a player in the game. It’s quite enjoyable when players comment positively about your skin and ask how you acquired it. This would enable players to display their abilities and possibly create new friendships with fellow players. The market for skins also aids in the formation of a community, where players can exchange, value, and gather knowledge about these skins. It is like CS GO if people were nicer.


Identity V’s Identity System goes beyond customization. It lets you express yourself, breathe life into characters, and stand out in the manor. It caters to various player motivations, enriching the overall experience. So, express yourself and leave your mark on the fog!

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