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Do you know people who fall asleep quickly? Ever wonder why you don’t experience sleep the same? I have some pointers which will smooth out your daily transition to unconscious bliss.                

We all have a different circadian rhythm. That is the daily cycle containing our eating, body function, and rest sequence. Mondays or the first days back from a holiday can be difficult due to our forcing change to that pattern. Eating at odd times, staying up late for a show once a week, and creating spikes in a smooth schedule of your life functions have consequences.

My circadian rhythm is so strong I haven’t needed an alarm clock for over 15 years. I wake up rested within the same 20-minute window, every day, feeling rested and ready. It will take time for your conscious and unconscious minds to join hands on this schedule. Be patient. Don’t make sweeping changes to your sleeping changes. 

Does your bladder wake you? Want to stop that? That is an area where you have lost your timing. In going to the bathroom first thing, we train the subconscious mind to wake up and go. Tomorrow, wake up and hold it. Have a glass of water. Sit and contemplate your day and start it. Go later. Give this training 90 loyal days to see results.

At the end of your day, is your mind occupied with events that happened, things to do tomorrow, or worries? I used this nest tip for about 6 months before I saw results on the back of my eyelids. If you have many things on your mind before bed, write them down. Make a topic list. Specifics will engage your mind, like reading a good book. We’re trying to disengage the mind.

Your mind needs little direction to address concerns on a given issue. The list is a conscious act that your subconscious registers. Knowing the list of concerns exists will allow you to put those worries aside and sleep. Tell yourself, “I’ll get to that list tomorrow. I need good sleep now.”. 

People invest in expensive adjustable mattresses and wild materials for their pillows. That has little effect on a mind that is not ready to sleep. Simple material bedding is best. Cotton, linen, and flannelette sheets are very comfortable and breathable to help regulate temperature. Temp spikes are a concern of the conscious mind. Thus, hot or cold, then you toss and turn.

Are you tired enough to sleep? Exercise in your daily routine gives your body a reason for deep repairing sleep. Your mind needs very little rest. It is your body that needs more repair. Perform exercise in the morning to wake up, not before slumber. Exercise will increase your endorphins, keeping you awake. Morning exercise burns more calories all day.

Did you eat too late? Eating triggers insulin production, which will keep you awake. No food within 3 hours of bedtime. No fluids within 60 minutes. Another big factor for many with sleep issues.

Create a daily schedule that is a smooth cycle of function guiding your body and mind to a peaceful ending of your day just as you reach your bed. 

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