Empowering Forex Trading on the Go: A Comprehensive Guide to Using MetaTrader 4 on iPhone/iPad iOS

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2024)

The ability to trade Forex on-the-go has been a game-changer for traders around the world. With the advancement of mobile technology, Metatrader 4 Iphone/Ipadios has made it easier to access the Forex market and execute trades from the palm of your hand. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll be discussing how to use MT4 on an iPhone/iPad iOS device.

MT4 is one of the most widely used trading platforms for Forex trading. It offers advanced charting and analysis tools, complete order management, and a user-friendly interface. If you’re looking to trade Forex on-the-go, then the MT4 application for iPhone/iPad iOS is definitely worth considering.

Installing MT4 on your iPhone/iPad device is easy. Simply download the application from the App Store and install it on your device. Once you’ve downloaded and installed MT4, you can log in to your trading account by clicking on the ‘Add Account’ button. Enter your trading account credentials, and you’re ready to go.

The MT4 interface on iPhone/iPad iOS is user-friendly and intuitive. The platform has a large range of technical indicators, customizable charting options, and the ability to trade directly from the chart. The application also supports ‘Push Notifications,’ which will alert you to any changes in your account, such as order execution or price alerts.

MT4 provides traders with a vast range of analytical tools and trading functionality. You can place orders, manage positions, and view real-time quotes and charts, all from your iPhone/iPad device. The platform supports multiple order types, such as market orders, stop-loss orders, and limit orders. You can also modify existing orders or close out trades if necessary.

The platform also includes additional features such as ‘Live Streaming News’ and an economic calendar, allowing you to stay up-to-date with the latest market news and events, all from your iPhone/iPad device. You can set up alerts for specific news releases, so you don’t miss any trading opportunities.

One of the key advantages of MT4 on iPhone/iPad iOS is the platform’s security features. The application uses secure encryption technology to protect your trading account credentials and information. The platform will also automatically disconnect you from the server if you’ve been inactive for too long, which helps to reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

Are you an avid Forex trader who wants to stay connected and on top of the market all the time? Well, there’s good news for you! The MetaTrader 4 platform has been made available on iPhone/iPad iOS, allowing you the convenience of staying on track with your trades while on the go. From account management, charting, and analyzing the market conditions, to placing trades, fixing Stop Loss and Profit Target levels, and even managing multiple accounts? – MetaTrader 4 on iPhone/iPad iOS has got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we will look at how you can empower your Forex trading on the go using MetaTrader 4 on iPhone/iPad iOS.

Getting Started with MetaTrader 4 on iPhone/iPad iOS: 

The first step is to download the MetaTrader 4 app from App Store and install it on your iPhone or iPad. If you already have a live or demo MetaTrader 4 account, you can proceed with logging in and accessing your account. If not, you can create a new account via the app.

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be presented with a dashboard that provides access to all the tools and features you need to manage your account and track market movements. You can access a full range of trading instruments, technical analysis tools, and real-time quotes.

Customizing the MetaTrader 4 App to Meet Your Needs:

You may prefer different colors and settings, indicators, and other customizations that you typically use on your desktop version of MetaTrader 4. The good news is, you can customize the app to accommodate all your preferences. The app comes with themes that you can easily switch to, or you can customize your own.

You can also add indicators and other analysis tools of your choice to your charts to make more informed trading decisions. Simply click the + sign on the toolbar and select from the provided list of indicators.

Placing Trades and Managing Open Orders on MetaTrader 4 App:

The MetaTrader 4 app allows you to place trades quickly and with ease. You can use the one-Click trading option or use the Market Watch feature to access the instruments you want to trade. You can also view your open trades and manage them by fixing Stop Loss and Take Profit levels or closing positions as you see fit.

Using the MetaTrader 4 App for Technical Analysis:

One of the most significant advantages of MetaTrader 4 on iPhone/iPad is access to a full suite of technical analysis tools. You can add indicators and trading signals to your charts and adjust them to your preferred settings. You can also perform in-depth market analysis using advanced charting features such as the price scale, time frames, and chart types.

Managing Multiple Accounts on MetaTrader 4 App:

If you have more than one trading account, you can manage them easily on the MetaTrader 4 app by adding them to your dashboard. You can switch between accounts with a single tap and monitor account balances, transaction history, and open orders in real-time. You can also request deposits and withdrawals directly from the app.


In conclusion, the MT4 application for iPhone/iPad iOS provides traders with a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and safe way to trade Forex on-the-go. The platform offers advanced charting, technical analysis tools, and a user-friendly interface. With its many features and the ability to access your account from anywhere, at any time, MT4 on iPhone/iPad iOS is worth considering for any Forex trader. So, if you haven’t already, download MT4 on your iPhone/iPad iOS device and start trading on-the-go today!

In conclusion, empowering your Forex trading on the go has never been easier than with the MetaTrader 4 app on iPhone/iPad. This powerful platform offers traders the flexibility to manage their accounts, analyze markets, and place trades from wherever they are, and conveniently so. With customizable features to meet your individual trading style, you can stay in control while keeping up with market happenings with zero interruptions. If you’re looking to take your trading to the next level, we highly recommend you try out the MetaTrader 4 app today!

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