Kolkata calling: 10 must see spots in the city of joy

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The beating heart of West Bengal, Kolkata, a busy and colorful tapestry of culture, history, and unforgettable flavors, awaits. Fondly known as the “City of Joy,” this busy city, where the old meets the new, is truly unlike any other. Explore heritage sites and mind-blowing architectural wonders that pay homage to the rich past of Kolkata along with the noisy and colorful markets overflowing with a riot of colors, heady smells, and the intoxicating hustle-bustle. For a luxury experience you can book the amazing Kolkata Novotel. Kolkata is sure to keep you coming back for more, and this guide covers all the places with a fun familiar context waiting to be discovered.

1. Victoria memorial: A majestic marvel

The Victoria Memorial left me breathless as marveled at an architectural marvel that captures traces of the city’s colonial history. The use of marble to construct this century-edifice that stands in the memory of Queen Victoria is indeed breathtaking. The almost spotlessly pure outside facade is left barely visible by complex marble sculptures and elegantly designed gardens that surround it. In the sunlight of the summertime afternoon, walking through the gardens and capturing snapshots of family vacations and selfies to update my social media profile.

2. Howrah bridge: Spanning the hooghly

Your visit to Kolkata is a waste if you lack spectating the Howrah Bridge. The overbridge is a hub of engineering genius, and its foundation is the sound and robust Hoogly River. The cantilever has seen it all, and it is a vivid illustration of human nature and life of the city. Walking through the bridge and staring at the other end or diving from the two sides can take your breathe. The bridge is a telltale message of time and human life; people’s life tells awesome tales of unity and resilience. It is a reminder for the city how it was united.

3. Kalighat kali temple: A sacred sanctuary

It is recommended to visit the holy Kalighat Kali Temple in Kolkata to see the spiritual face of the city. The unusual building is one of the most sacred Hindu temples in the city and is dedicated to the formidable goddess Kali. Here you can take a walk and enjoy the colorful decorations, the smell of incense, and the rhythmic tune of prayers sung by priests. Bow your head and let the devotion and respect from the praying people standing next to you embrace you. This is the same half of the earth that is shared by a sacred temple.

4. College street book market: A bibliophile’s paradise

A visit to the College Street Book Market marks a trip every book lover in Kolkata must take. The noisy place that always seems to have neverland of book heaven in all the imaginable and unimaginable categories one can think of. Whether you like your book rare and read, or classic, sold-but-too-many times classic, then this place is another exciting trip that one can get oneself embroiled in and try to buy good books.

5. Mullick ghat flower market: A riot of color

Be prepared to take in a veritable rainbow of hues and aroma at the multifaceted Mullick Ghat Flower Market . A lively display for the eyes, fresh blossoms in variations and colors and artistically crafted garlands and floral bunches from Mumbai’s best flower markets. Walk around the fair, admire the vendor’s unique talent to treat the flowers, and buy one to add a touch of color to your world.

6. Indian museum: A gateway to ancient civilizations

At the Indian Museum, one can take a walk through the annals of India’s history at the country’s oldest and most respected museum. One may witness the treasure trove of knowledge that is on display in a century-old collection of materials and sculptures. From coins and manuscripts to fine art, ranging from museum items to small, intricate artifacts, the Indian Museum offers a genuine, wide perspective on the cultures that shaped the peninsula.

7. New market: A shopper’s delight

Welcome to the lively atmosphere of New Market, a shopping gem that has brightened the hearts of residents and pleased the eyes of millions of tourists for centuries. This immense market, which opened to the public in the early 1800s, will astonish you with its extensive array of handmade gifts and fabrics, delicious street food, and spices that exude a delightful aroma. Immerse yourself in the bustling shopping atmosphere, haggle with friendly-spoken vendors, and acquire incredible souvenirs to take home from your journey to Kolkata.

8. Park street: A foodie’s playground

Kolkata. It is impossible to tell about visiting Kolkata without memorable legendary food. Park Street, one of the bustling downtown subways, has it all for foodie paradise, with one long street filled with all types of restaurants, cafes, and eateries to experience local and global dishes’ delectable taste. Starting from traditional Anglo-Indian cheese, anything from spicy and tasty Bengali curries will enchant your taste buds, and you will want to return for more.

9. Dakshineswar kali temple: A spiritual sanctuary

Dakshineswar Kali Temple is a holy gem on the banks of the Hooghly River; it radiates tranquility and religious commitment. Dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali, the sacred Hindu temple shines with its unique architecture and lavish terracotta carvings. You are surrounded by the chanted mantras and incense odors of holiness which make you feel more and more spiritual.

10. Sundarbans national park: A wild adventure

For those who are looking to experience the wild of nature in its purest form, make a day trip to an unforgettable Sundarbans National Park. The Sundarbans is a UNESCO World Heritage Site set in the vast mangrove swamp of the Ganges Delta, the ultimate experience for lovers of natural life. Enjoy some relaxing and stimulating breeze in a sailing safari in a rustling boat as you see how the Bengal tigers live in freedom in addition to endless and diverse vegetation littered with forest and joy.


This city will thrill your senses and awaken your inner being. With its beautiful cultural background and dynamic street life, you will be thrilled by the sights and sounds of this city. If you want a premium experience you can stay at Kolkata Novotel. Don’t wait any longer; pack your bags, feed your adventurous spirit, and allow the City of Joy to rejuvenate you?

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