The Rise of Online Gaming – Virtual Reality Awaits

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We are living in the 21st century, a digital age that spawned the World Wide Web emerged and grew into what we have today. Internet 3.0 and Broadband speeds, with 5G low-orbit satellites beaming down the data to global users. Superfast processors mean you can play hi-res games with people all over the world, in real-time, 

Global gaming community

There are so many online games that you can play;

  • Fortnite – This game swept across the world about 5 years ago and is now a household name with gamers of all ages. 
  • Call of Duty – Warzone is the latest version and if you are into shooters and combat, this is definitely the platform for you. The ultimate multiplayer experience has many levels and features; you can join the global community forum and make new friends from all over the world.
  • Diablo 5 – The Diablo franchise keeps getting better, with higher resolution graphics, zero lag and colourful characters make this an addictive world of creepy corridors and chambers that are filled with hellish demons lurking in the shadows. 
  • Sea of Thieves – A maritime adventure that incorporates Disney and their pirate characters; you can plunder the high seas. Your loyal crew are always scanning the horizons, looking for vessels to plunder. You can bury the treasure on a secret island, then head off to tropical waters and seek out even more treasure.
  • Minecraft – Who hasn’t played this amazing game? Minecraft has multi universes and you can explore all of them if you wish. There are spin-off versions like Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Legends, which allow you to totally immerse yourself in a different dimension and forget the pressures of this reality. 

These are just a few of the multiplayer online gaming platforms; Google can bring up a never-ending list for you to browse.

Essential gaming gear

You need either a Desktop PC with a gaming monitor, a gaming laptop, tablet or top of the range smartphone to play these games. We think the best way to get into the game is to wear Bluetooth gaming headphones, quality brand with over-the-ear noise cancelling; invest in a decent gaming chair and a high-speed rig will make sure you don’t get buffered.

Virtual Reality

Known as VR, you wear a headset and are catapulted into a virtual world you see a 3D reality; explore amazing worlds and interact with game characters; you can order VR headsets online and coupled with a top-end gaming rig, you can play a wide array of games and play against other players around the globe.

Faster data transfer

VR demands superfast data transfer and when the world is covered with 5G, Virtual Reality will explode onto the scene; in 5 years, everyone will have a headset, much like we all have a smartphone. This is an exciting time to be alive, especially if you are into gaming.

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